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Welcome to the Guaranteed Loans Insurance Fund

The Guaranteed Loans Insurance Fund (GLIF) is a self-insurance fund for government employees’ motor vehicle and residential properties acquired through the Government Employees Motor Vehicle and Residential Property Advance Scheme (GEMVAS) and the Local Authorities Motor Vehicle and Residential Property Advance Scheme (LAMVAS).

GLIF also provides credit life insurance in respect of government employees’ outstanding debt for both GEMVAS and LAMVAS loans.

Currently more than 8 500 employees from central and local government, land management, water and sanitation services and members of parliament, councillors and members of Ntlo ya Dikgosi are covered by GLIF.

Minet Botswana provides management services for GLIF and is the largest provider of risk consultancy and insurance broking services in Botswana. Through its Global Network Correspondent agreement with Aon, Minet has been servicing GLIF since 2003 on five-year consecutive contracts.

Why choose GLIF?

With GLIF you can enjoy reduced insurance rates that provide comprehensive cover without putting pressure on your pocket – enjoy motor vehicle insurance cover from just 3.5% per annum and residential property insurance from just 0.01% per annum.

You also gain access to a range of additional benefits including loss of income cover, roadside assistance, funding for emergency hotel stays, trauma counselling and personal accident cover.

Plus GLIF offers you:

Free motor valuations

Subsidised residential valuations fees

100% cover for bond cancellation fees

All loans are guaranteed by GLIF

Residential property insurance

Protect your home and its surrounds with residential property insurance covering fixtures and fittings, water, electricity, gate motors and more.

We insure a broad range of events including fire, lightning, storms, theft and burst water pipes among others.

Motor vehicle insurance

Vehicles used for social, domestic and pleasure are comprehensively covered under this policy.

You also benefit from third-party liability insurance and cover for medical expenses.

Additional and optional products

Explore our range of comprehensive insurance solutions to address your unique needs as a government employee.

Additional Cover - Loss of income, Personal accident cover, Roadside assistance, Emergency hotel expenses, Trauma counselling

Optional Cover - Funeral cover, Legal advisory services, Vehicle tracking