Minet endorsement

Residential property insurance

Protect your home and its surrounds with residential property insurance.

This cover includes:

  • Residential buildings and its domestic outbuildings
  • Fixtures and fittings
  • Water
  • Sewerage
  • Electricity/telephone connections
  • Walls, gates and fences (excluding hedges)
  • Gate motors
  • Swimming pool including fixed filtration plant, walls, etc.

Insured events include:

  • Fire, lightning, explosion and earthquake
  • Deliberate, wilful or wanton acts excluding destruction or damage caused by or arising from theft or attempted theft
  • Storm, wind, water, hail or snow excluding destruction or damage:
    • to gates and fences
    • caused by movement of land supporting the dwelling even if such movement is caused by storm or flood
  • Bursting, leaking or overflowing of water apparatus, including damages to the said apparatus not caused by gradual deterioration
  • Theft or attempted theft provided the dwelling is vacant and there is forcible or violent entry or exit
  • Impact
  • Breakage or collapse of radio or television aerials or masts

Credit Life Insurance

We all want to know that the financial wellbeing of our loved ones is ensured should something happen to us, and that’s where Credit Life Insurance can make a positive, lasting impact.

  • Covers the outstanding loan of the insured in the event of incapacity, disability or death.
  • 100% of the outstanding loan amount is recovered from the Insurance Fund when a Credit Life claim is triggered.
  • Cover applies only for the period of the loan.