Minet endorsement

Rating structure

Not a GLIF member? You can calculate your premium using our premium calculator below. Find out how much you’d pay month to month for comprehensive insurance cover, added benefits and expert, personal service.

Comprehensive Motor Insurance


Residential Property Insurance


Your premium payments occur as follows:

  • Monthly deductions from payroll
  • Motor vehicle premium (appears as GOB Car Insurance)
  • Residential property premium (appears as GOB Property Insurance)

Asset valuations
For vehicle valuation, members are advised to contact the assigned GLIF service provider at 310 5978 for a free valuation and submit the valuation certificates to the GEMVAS/LAMVAS offices at the following:

  • POSO HOUSE, Floor 1, Gaborone 3633605/06
  • Francistown +267 2412243
  • Palapye +267 4922944 
  • Maun +267 6860232
  • LAMVAS at respective Councils and Land Boards

Those whose residential properties have not been valued in the past three years, are also encouraged to value them with Real Estate Institute of Botswana (REIB) registered Valuers and submit the valuation certificates to GEMVAS/LAMVAS offices

GLIF covers 50% of the valuation fees for all properties guaranteed by the government.