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Additional COVER

Loss of Income

Should you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having lost your job, we can help by covering your instalments for any outstanding loan balance for up to 6 months. Speak to your GLIF consultant about this benefit today.

Personal Accident Cover

It helps to know that should you be involved in an accident, GLIF offers you comprehensive personal and financial support.

Cover Limit (P)
Death 10,000
Loss of sight 10,000
Loss by severance at or above wrist/ankle of one or more limbs 10,000
Loss of hearing 10,000
Permanent or total loss of speech 10,000
Roadside Assistance
If you find yourself broken down and in need of assistance you can rest assured with GLIF Roadside Assistance, free within a 50 km radius. Beyond this point P9.50 per km will be charged.
In case of an emergency contact the emergency number 991 or +267 3924537.

Emergency Hotel Expenses
Should you need to make unexpected accommodation arrangements you can benefit from up to P1,000 per day, for a maximum of two nights at the nearest hotel of choice. A maximum benefit of P3,000 in any 12 months insurance period will apply.

Trauma Counselling
Whether you’ve had an accident or been part of a robbery, sometimes we all need help in understanding what happened and assistance in getting back to normal. Take advantage of professional trauma counselling of up to P2,000 for any one claim.

Optional cover

Funeral Cover
  • Provides a cash sum towards funeral expenses for the member and his/her spouse and children.
  • A maximum of one spouse and six children may be nominated
  • A child will be covered whilst he/she still qualifies as a ‘child’
  • There are four options to choose from.
  • A waiting period of six months for natural causes of death in respect of the member, spouse and children applies; there is no waiting period if cause of death is accidental.
Legal Advisory Services
Below is a list of matters/services that our Legal Advisors will assist you with;

  • Accident-dispute related legal advise
  • Drafting car sales agreements
  • Wills
  • Contracts in general
  • General legal advise
These services offer the extended benefit of death and disability cover to the value of P5,000 and medical expenses to the value of P3,500.

Vehicle Tracking
You will be assisted with the configuration of a vehicle tracking system and provided with a choice of two package options.