Minet endorsement

Motor VeHICLE insurance

This cover ensures that vehicles used for social, domestic and pleasure purposes, including use by the insured for journeys between their home and place of business are adequately protected.

Vehicles are covered against:

  • Own damage/losses (including fire and theft)
  • Third party liability – up to P2,500,000.00
  • Medical expenses – up to P20,000.00 per vehicle per accident

Credit Life Insurance

We all want to know that the financial well-being of our loved ones is ensured should something happen to us, and that’s where Credit Life Insurance can make a positive, lasting impact.
  • Covers the outstanding loan of the insured in the event of incapacity, disability or death.
  • 100% of the outstanding loan amount is recovered from the Insurance Fund when a Credit Life claim is triggered.
  • Cover applies only for the period of the loan.