Minet endorsement

Frequently asked questions

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Either through phone call, email, Minet GLIF microsite or report the claim to the nearest Minet office.
If your monthly premiums are not deducted, please contact the GEMVAS/LAMVAS offices immediately so that the anomaly may be rectified.
This is the first amount payable; the amount you are obliged to pay if you need to make a claim.
The excess consists of two parts:
• Basic excess: the compulsory excess which is an amount specified by the Fund.
• Punitive excess: the additional amount you are charged to pay towards a claim depending on the circumstances of loss/damage.
Valuation is important to ensure that you are insured at correct replacement costs/current market values and to avoid issues of under-insurance and over-insurance.
Under-insurance (which represents non-compliance) will provoke the application of the Average Clause.